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Make it Count Day – Highlights!

May 1st was Kids Hope USA’s first annual, “Make It Count Day!” where Directors from all over the country shared how many mentor-student relationships they had within their program. The tally continues to escalate, but we thought we’d highlight some of these great Directors!

Are you a Director and you haven’t had a chance to share your “Make it Count” Number? There is still time! Share your photo and email your number to your Kids Hope USA Program Support Representative!¬†

Lorie VanWerden РSecond Reformed Church/Ferry Elementary Р12 Relationships


Steve Whitney – Central Wesleyan/Jefferson K-7 – 63 Relationships


Kimberly Destree – St. Patrick Presbyterian/Shawsheen Elementary – 8 Relationships


Angela Deck and Carrie Nault – Northwest Baptist/Charles Evans Elementary – 5 Relationships


Becky Staal – Watermark Church/Rosy Mound Elementary – 22 Relationships


Barb and Roger Toonder – Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian/North Road Elementary – 15 Relationships


Mary DeWyk – Mason County Reformed Church/Scottville Elementary – 16 Relationships


Cathy Gould – Hope Community Church/Thomas Elementary – 8 Relationships


Erica Reynolds – Grace Baptist Church/Lonsdale Elementary – 16 Relationships


Lynn Dodson and Mary Arnold – Friendswood United Methodist Church/Wedgewood Elementary – 28 Relationships


Susan Johnson – First Presbyterian Church of Plymouth/Bird Elementary School – 19 Relationships

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  1. A lot of God’s people shown here in these Kid’s Hope Directors. Thank you for your daily efforts toward the K H kids and K H mentors, you are making an positive impact in God’s kingdom.

    To my K H Director Steve Whitney, a huge “THANK YOU ” from all of us as mentors and students at Jefferson School in Holland. You are appreciated and BLESSINGS in your retirement my friend ! We will miss you. By the way,JESUS says THANK YOU too Steve.

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