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Your kindness is the reason more kids have hope!

@flybyfaith27 “Such a bittersweet last day spent with this awesome kid. I have watched her grow up so much over the last two years and I have no doubt she has left a mark on my life I will always carry with me.”

Because of the generosity that donors have shown to Kids Hope USA, some wonderful things have happened that have not only impacted children directly, but had residual effects on whole communities. Below are a few highlights that we wanted to be sure we shared with you!

Chicago, Illinois:

“It is so exciting to see churches work together across denominations to help reach kids. 10 areas in Chicago have their own Director meetings where Church Program Directors help each other reach children better. One church even paid for another church’s student to go to summer camp!”

National Support Center:

“We’ve been working as a team to reinvent our training and website experience for Directors, mentors and prayer-partners to provide better and more efficient tools to help programs reach more kids across the country!”

Tulsa, OK:

“Meggie, a Director in Tulsa, trained in October of 2016 and launched her church’s Kids Hope USA program in December of 2016 with 17 mentors! She has done a lot of work building a relationship between her church and school and the students/mentors had a great year. In preparation for next year and hopefully more program growth, Meggie asked to be connected with a KHUSA Director whose program is growing and doing well. She has been connected with Mary, a Director in Atlanta, GA. Mary brought KHUSA to her church and now they are partnered with 3 schools! Who knows what great stuff is going to come from the conversations of these 2 go-getters!”

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