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“My Kids Hope”

“My Kids Hope”

by Kids Hope USA Mentor, Jody Massey I have been a Kids Hope USA volunteer for the last 5 years and it has been wonderful! My mentee Arleen has now graduated to the 6th grade.  It is bittersweet for our time to together to end… as you will see in our picture at her graduation, […]

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Reflections on Mentoring

Reflections on Mentoring

by Kids Hope USA Director, Lorie VanWerden As my 2nd year of being the Kids Hope USA Director at Second Reformed Church in Grand Haven MI comes to a close it brings me to mood of reflection. I find myself asking, “How did the year go overall? What were the highs and what did I […]

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“Thank you for partnering with us!” From a School

“Thank you for partnering with us!” From a School

The following letter was sent to the partnering Church to Shadow Forest Elementary school in Texas. What a unique partnership between this public elementary school and local neighborhood church – one that many wouldn’t dream could exist today! To Ms. Rubin and Kids Hope USA Volunteers: As we end another school year where we have […]

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Your kindness is the reason more kids have hope!

Your kindness is the reason more kids have hope!

Because of the generosity that donors have shown to Kids Hope USA, some wonderful things have happened that have not only impacted children directly, but had residual effects on whole communities. Below are a few highlights that we wanted to be sure we shared with you! Chicago, Illinois: “It is so exciting to see churches […]

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Making the Small Steps

From a Kids Hope USA Director: I have one mentor at my school that has been building a relationship with a girl for 4 years. This is a girl who has had much loss, as she lost her twin brother in 1st grade, and also has grown up without a dad. This girl, now in […]

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