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Mentoring Tips: Talking about Poverty

The following email is from a Kids Hope USA mentor whose student’s family is below the poverty level in her area. We wanted to share the response from the Kids Hope USA Child Psychology Team in case you ever wonder what to do if this topic of conversation comes up for you. The Child Psychology […]

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Mentoring Moments – February 2017

Mentoring Moments – February 2017

Celebrating the highlights so that together, we can be inspired to continue reaching out to those around us and bringing light into each other’s lives. “I was working with my student and I asked him to think of someone in his life who has made a positive impact in his life. What values do they […]

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Better Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Kids Hope USA Mentors

Better Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Kids Hope USA Mentors

By LuAnn Kern Kids Hope USA Director – Engedi Church, Holland, MI Our Kids Hope program was starting another school year I wanted to show our mentors just how grateful I was for their service. I painstakingly created little treat bags complete with clever sayings like, You are a Lifesaver, etc. I thought these were […]

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Reaching the Country with Kids Hope USA

Reaching the Country with Kids Hope USA

KIDS HOPE USA launches the “Show Up and Give Hope” campaign inviting you to be part of reaching our country’s children with hope and love.  This month, which is appropriately “National Mentoring Month,” Kids Hope USA launches into a three-year fundraising campaign in order to raise $4.5 million so that hundreds of additional Kids Hope […]

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What Kids Believe

Every Monday I meet with an amazing fourth-grader. This week we began work on a model car; to see the tiny parts required me to don my reading glasses. “I know these make me look old,” I told him. “That’s okay Mr. Dave,” he said. “You’re still cool. (pause) To me.” So I celebrate that […]

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