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Compassion is a Choice

Compassion is a Choice

At a time when so much of our world seems out of control, compassion remains a choice everyone still owns. Not the programmatic expression of the word compassion; the heart-sized, personal version. The type anyone can do. Or any group — even a church. Click here to read the full article.

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What Kids Believe

Every Monday I meet with an amazing fourth-grader. This week we began work on a model car; to see the tiny parts required me to don my reading glasses. “I know these make me look old,” I told him. “That’s okay Mr. Dave,” he said. “You’re still cool. (pause) To me.” So I celebrate that […]

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The Perfect Gift? Your Words.

The Perfect Gift? Your Words.

Estimates indicate the average adult vocabulary includes over 40,000 words. From this vast reservoir, we make thousands of combinations to articulate and share thoughts all day every day. Too frequently, though, I’m careless or random — messages flow from me like water spraying from a fractured pipe. Yet, with so many words at my disposal, […]

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Public Schools Are Changing. Should Your Church?

Public Schools Are Changing. Should Your Church?

One trillion. That’s the popular estimate for the number of pictures taken in 2015, with volume projected to reach 1.3 trillion next year. We can thank (blame?) camera phones for our obsession with photos. Oh how simple it is to see something, anything, and snap a pic. A few shots from my recent vacation tell […]

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A New Thanksgiving Tradition

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

(Note: This month, David Staal turns his column over to his 23-year-old son, Scott.) Several years ago, our family tried something new for Thanksgiving that has evolved into an authentic tradition. As November rolled around each year, we constantly heard the importance of developing a spirit of gratitude and wanted that to be true for […]

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