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Special notes from Kids Hope USA Students:

Special notes from Kids Hope USA Students:

There is nothing more special or rewarding than receiving a meaningful note from a Kids Hope USA student. In this case, these two notes were received from students: one who has graduated the program and another from a precious mentee in elementary school. We hope that they encourage you as you navigate the Kids Hope […]

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2016 KHUSA Director Anniversaries

Each year, it’s our privilege to honor KHUSA directors from across the country who have served for 5, 10, or 15 years with us! Congratulations to each of you for tirelessly giving years of leadership, service, and love to your church and community! Directors celebrating a 15 year anniversary:  Vicki Ackerman (10/11/2001)- Lakeland Reformed Church, MI Brenda […]

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Another “Miracle Mentoring Match”

Another “Miracle Mentoring Match”

From a Kids Hope USA Director:  A couple of months ago a new student was referred to my program because he was struggling. He was a little boy who needed a mentor, and I was determined to find one for him. After sharing with my congregation know that I was seeking a new mentor for this […]

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3 things to talk about with your student before summer break:

3 things to talk about with your student before summer break:

As the school year nears it’s close, students, teachers and parents begin to think about the summer months. And for you, as a mentor, it often means three months that you won’t get to see your student. That’s why it’s important to be sure you talk about this break in mentoring – because whether you’ve […]

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The Miracle of Mentoring Matches

Kids Hope USA emphasizes the importance of the mentor-student match. It’s not something to be taken lightly, as we hope that the pair is able to connect and build a relationship of friendship and trust – even if sometimes it does take longer than either party hopes. When a mentor or student are waiting for a […]

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